My coworkers and I were projection mapping my childhood house. [ GLYPH ] and I went on  a walk and found a series of SF style, bay-windowed looking houses snugly standing next to one another just down the street from our flat Texas home. Not sure where we were going [ GLYPH ] said there was a shortcut through Cupcake Alley which happened to be between two of the SF style houses.

When foot met pavement of Cupcake Alley my clothing had transformed into an Alice In Wonderland style dress. I played with the impossible physics of the space, pulling handles on doors like they were long pieces of cheese on a pizza that won’t break. Teacups and stuffed animals lining the Alley which had turned into more of a room the further and deeper I explored. Teacups and stuffed animals lined the walls, sat in chairs.

A wave of children appeared and began to fight over the items within this playful world. The more agitated they got the more of them seemed to appear. I had to crawl over them to continue my journey.

On the other side I entered a vehicle of some sort that took me rapidly across the ground. The further up I got the more like circuit boards the world below began to look. We had landed at some house and when I went in I wanted to immediately leave. [ GLYPH ] was there with enormous envelopes of pictures of photo shoots past. I looked through them briefly and was disgusted at its contents. In fact, the page itself was gross to touch. Sticky and melty at the same time. So I left.

I made my way back home and found snow waiting for my return walk in the alleyway to my house. I saw a cat and was distracted by the ringing of a landline phone. I turned my head to the sound and saw a beautiful woman picked up her landline phone. As my eyes examined her baby blue dress the winter melted in her aura. It was winter when I walked but summer when I looked at her.